About Us

Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions Inc. was brought together by the managing partners Jessica Ng and Fong Chua to bring to life their beliefs in adding value to people. This partnership specializes in bringing together the right people, the right project and the right solution, all while adding value to all those involved, creating a win-win environment. Relational capital is an asset that Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions Inc. places a great emphasis on, which is why we treat our clients and partners the same as our loved ones.

Starting out as engineers, Fong and Jessica, winners of the deal maker award, have the technical skills and attention to details to ensure that all projects are of value for all parties involved. What makes us unique is that we have many insider relationships with investors and agents, which allows us to have access to great deals first. Our philosophy is simple, we don't acquire properties unless they are of fair value and we don't speculate on appreciation. When it comes to partnerships, three words describe our focus: loyalty, relationships and results. This is why we believe that partners should be for life and why we treat our partner's money even more conservatively than with our own.

Fong Profile

Fong Chua is the company's acquisitions specialist. Winner of the loyalty award, Fong's sense of honor and equality towards our partners and agents make Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions Inc. the company of choice when it comes to presenting opportunities to. Always looking out for our partner's interest, Fong's ability to bring people together is what makes our company thrive.

Jess Profile

Jessica Ng is the company's long-term investment and relations strategist. Winner of the human relations award, Jessica's empathy and care for our partners, residents and clients is the driving force to the success of Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions Inc. Jessica's attention to detail allows her to focus on the long term risks and returns of our partner's investments, as well as the long term well being of our residents' experience in our houses.

Our Mission

To bring wealth, be it financial, knowledge or security, to all those who seek it. With our expertise and heart, it is our mission to impact as many people as we can by showing them how they can achieve more than they think.

Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions Inc. strongly believes that in order to be successful one must have a strong TEAM. We are very fortunate to have a team of dedicated professionals and experts in their area, who strives to add value to you.


Richard Canfield – McGuire Financial Group – Infinite Banking Concept Expert
Through creating a positive learning environment and educating clients, friends, family and those that are ready to make change in their life, Richard focuses on improving the financial literacy and opening doorways so people can be empowered to make the right choice that fits their needs and that of their family.
Please visit: www.richardcanfield.ca or email at: richard@richardcanfield.ca


Josh Tesolin – Logic Realty – Multi-Family Real Estate Specialist
Josh is a trusted professional who is passionate about real estate and dedicated to helping people. Josh brings a wealth of marketing knowledge and diverse real estate transaction experience while simplifying the home buying and selling process.
Please visit: www.joshtesolin.com or email at: joshrealtor@gmail.com


Jayson Lowe – McGuire Financial Group – Trusted Advisor
Jayson delivers value based financial services and debt solutions that resolve his client’s financial difficulties. He equips every client with the knowledge on how to save for the future and achieve their lifetime financial goals.
Please visit: www.mcguirefinancial.ca or email at: jayson.lowe@mcguirefinancial.ca

Raeann Lefebvre – Keystone Mortgage Corp – The Mortgage Engineer
Raeann specializes in building customized mortgage solutions for her clients based on their current needs and their plans for the future. Each person’s situation is completely unique and that’s how she treats every mortgage plan she prepares.
Please visit: www.mortgageengineer.ca or email at: raeann@mortgageengineer.ca

Barbilee Head Shot

Barbilee Hemmings – Hey You Get Real – The Health and Wellness Expert
As a family food coach, Barbilee spends countless hours coaching parents and children the importance of feeding their bodies properly.  She encourages us all to listen to our bodies as it is telling us what is good for it and what is not.
Please visit: www.heyyougetreal.com or email at: barbilee@heyyougetreal.com


John McCabe – IofferSolutions Marketing Consultants – Marketing and Business Strategist
John helps individuals and businesses blow the doors off their competition by showing them low and no cost solutions to have a flood of prospects for their product or service. John incorporates automated follow up systems with cross channel marketing strategies to help position you or your business as the Trusted Authority in your marketplace.
Please visit: www.ioffersolutions.com or email at: john@ioffersolutions.com

Jong Chua – Just Creative Inc. – Graphic Designer Specialist
Jong specializes in creating extraordinary designs from logos, business cards to presentations, photography and posters, so that you will stand out above the rest. Each company is special in their own way and therefore your design must also be special.
Please visit: www.justcreativeinc.com or email at: jong@justcreativeinc.com

Charles Lemieux – Presidents of Verawood – Sea-Can Conversion Experts
Verawood provides their clients with high quality, low cost modular homes using modern building techniques and industrial processes. Their products offer safe-smart-simple alternative forms to grow your assets and wealth.
Please visit: www.verawood.com or email at: charles@verawood.com or bryan@verawood.com

Mike Wolf – CEO of USProperty.ca – Master Canadian US Real Estate Investor
Mike specializes in teaching Canadians how to invest in the United States real estate market. He has access to wholesale and bank direct properties in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Florida, Texas and several other markets. Mike will guide you from start to finish and help make purchasing US real estate easy
Please visit: www.USProperty.ca or email at: Mikewolf@USproperty.ca

Benjamin Chui – SIF Asset Management Group – Land Banking Specialist
Ben specializes in creating wealth for individuals, with integrity and professionalism through land banking. Land is a limited commodity that will only rise in value, and Ben is focused on helping as many people as he can to seize this opportunity to create wealth through land banking.
Please email at: bchui@sifassetmanagement.com

Christina Lieu – Accounting and Bookkeeping Extraordinaire
Christina excels in providing her clients with top financial insight along with bookkeeping methods unlike any others. Your books will be in great hands.
Please visit: www.origamiaccounting.com or email at: hello@origamiaccounting.com

Cabin to Castle – Our property inspectors of choice
With over 22,000 inspections under our belts, we have you covered. Cabin to Castle Property Inspections has been in business since 1998 providing professional inspections for Alberta homeowners, businesses, and the hospitality industry.

Hagan Appraisal Svc Ltd – Our property appraisers of choice