Wouldn't it be nice to not worry about having renters ? Wouldn't it be comforting to know that your rental property is being looked after and cared for? How would it feel to have someone else handle all your frustrations so that you can sit back and relax? Aren't you tired of dealing with trouble some tenants? How great would it be to have extra few hundred dollars a month to work with?

The fact is there are experts out there who can address all the above concerns that you may be experiencing. It is possible to have tenants who pay rent on time every month. Having renters who take care of your property and tends to repairs are very common and not a pipe dream. Never having vacancy is also very possible if not expected. To manage your rental property, traditionally you may go to a property manager, however there are consultants who can manage your property, promise you no vacancies, assure you that rent will be paid on time consistently and also get you top rent dollar if not more.



The media is always saying how being a landlord is a great source of secondary income, but they fail to tell you all the frustrations that come along with the extra income. If you have in fact been fortunate to not experience troublesome tenants we are sure that you have heard countless stories from others where landlords are getting calls to fix the washer at 2AM in the morning. Chances are those situations are rare and far between each other. There have also been a lot of postings and comments on how many property management companies take advantage of owners claiming that they are managing the property but are really just pocketing the money and not checking up on the tenants. What makes us different is that we focus on the owner/renter/management relationship. Without the owners we would not have a company to run. By structuring a rent to own strategy with you all three parties will win and everyone's needs are met. Due to it's rarity in the traditional sense of real estate, rent-to-own is some what feared and skeptical of the structure and those who are experts at it.

Your pain is our pain. We have seen countless homeowners who have decided to go into landlording, either not knowing what to expect or thinking that it would be a piece of cake. We have also seen personally a few properties that were trashed and ruined because the owners did not do the necessary checks to assure their tenants fit the criteria of a good tenant. We have also personally experienced property managers who are difficult to communicate with and in some instances causing a very troubled relationship. Hearing friends and family pay out of pocket each month because they do not have a tenant in place and the anxiety each year the month before the lease is up wondering if the current tenant will sign an extension is something that always cause us to have a soft heart.

Here is how we can help you. We can take away all the pain, the frustration and the anxiety that you have while managing your rental property. Away goes the vacancy, the trouble tenants, the chasing of rent, the worry of an extension. Replaced with relaxation, freedom and full night's sleep. By working with us, we will do all the work, allowing you to have the free dome to do what you love. While you're sleeping, we're working. And while you're enjoying time with your family, we're working. And while you're relaxing, we're working even harder. We will be honest with you even when you're not looking.