Wouldn't it be nice to have your greatest debt behind you? Wouldn't it be comforting to know that bankruptcy is not the only option? How would it feel to have someone else handle all your frustrations so that you can sit back and focus on your future? Aren't you tired of seeing your greatest asset become your greatest frustration? How great would it be to know that there may be a way to save your credit and avoid bankruptcy?

The fact is if you are in financial trouble and credit problems, there are options out there that can help you avoid bankruptcy and reduce the abuse to your credit. If done correctly, you can get out of your house with minimal financial damage plus save your credit. During this process all the government and bank interaction will be dealt with by someone else while you can focus on putting all the pieces together again.


There are experts out there that claim that the best solution is to file for bankruptcy. Others have said to just get rid of your home and suffer the losses. To this we ask, why? Why would you want to file for bankruptcy and live beneath your means for the next 7 years? Why would you not want to maximize your home's potential and reduce the loss as much as possible? Many say that once you are underwater that there is no hope and that your options are limited or that you'll be at the mercy of the banks. However, this is also not true, as there are many options still available to you if you choose to seek it out. Many of these options may in fact place you in a situation in which you cannot imagining in that is possible. Not only is you home potential saved, but you may also be able to be in another home. On top of that your credit is saved.

Your pain is our pain. We have seen many unfortunate people who have either lost their jobs, gone through a loss of a loved one or just have had very unfortunate financial luck feeling lost or scared of potentially missing their payments or ultimately losing their home. It breaks our heart to see these people watch their home be treated like a specimen as it value is assessed by countless banks and inspectors. Having been though a recession where there was constant worry of whether we will have a job or not and how we could support our home if we lost our jobs, we do not wish that feeling onto others. We would like to help as many as we can, keeping everyone's best interest in mind so that we can all benefit from a difficult situation.

Here is how we can help you. We keep your best interest in mind. We understand that you are going though a tough time and therefore will make every effort to reduce your worry, frustrations and concern. By working with us you will have a team of personnel who can assist you in your dealings with the banks, restructuring your credit and finances and ultimately help you reduce the financial/credit loss you may encounter if you were to file for bankruptcy or sell your home at low value. Our focus is on relationships and would love to see you back on your feet and having all your troubles behind you.