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"Investing in a property has never been easier. Fong and Jessica made it easy to invest by doing most of the legwork, which included finding the property, speaking to the appropriate people, etc.  They minimized the amount of headaches that usually come with investing in property.  They were wonderful to work with and they also helped where they could for every step of the way, up until possession of the house.  They also ensured that I understood what was happening throughout the process.  If there was something I was unsure about, they would help clarify the details for me.  I would definitely recommend them to others that are interested in investing but are unsure where to start."

Judy Ng – Web Developer – Edmonton Canada – September 25, 2012

“I liked the education that you and your team gave me about all aspects of finding a good investment property. Knowing about potential opportunities and pitfalls from an investor perspective was very important. It was also very helpful to be connected to the team that you use to do your own deals. Being a first time home buyer, there were no services that I didn't use or require.


I had a great experience with your consulting services and I wouldn't have had the confidence by myself to buy a new house and get renters over the course of 1 month without the advice of you and your team. The full combination of services seemed unique to me. Being guided from the beginning (looking at ads, then going to houses and making value assessments) to the end (renters signing contracts) and everything in between is something that I am not sure exists in Edmonton.”

Sherman Tsang – Software Craftsman - Edmonton Canada - August 16, 2013


"I liked how simple the whole process was. Jessica and Fong made it easy to decide how to invest my money. They explained to me what would happen to my money. That what I put into the property I was at least going to get back and not lose money. I would recommend Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions Inc. to others. They are helpful and I know if I need to get a hold of them, I can just call. They don't hesitate to help explain any details I might be confused on or details I don't understand. They keep me involved in the process and I even make a nice profit!"

Lisa N. – Tailor/Seamstress – Edmonton Canada – August 10, 2014


"What I like most about dealing with Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions is that they responded via text - super convenient and low pressure. The welcome gifts were an incredibly sweet gesture. It's nice to deal with people instead of rent boards and it's refreshing to feel like the property management actually cares about the tenant and not just the rent."

Randi Letendre - Administration Assistant - Edmonton Canada - September 20, 2012


"Both Jessica and Fong are extremely kind and thoughtful, which makes any dealings we've had with them enjoyable and effective. I would definitely recommend Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions to other, in fact already have! From all the landlords we've had in the city, Jessica and Fong are easily the best we've had and the house they've entrusted with us is beautiful and truly feels like home"

Shawn and Lenore Walsh - Field Operations Manager - Edmonton Canada - July 21, 2012


“I liked that they actually listen to the tenants as well as how they are always wanting to improve. I have been renting for 20 years and Jessica and Fong are by far the best, most attentive and kind hearted people I have ever had the pleasure of doing business as well as just visiting with.”

Ray Roth – Fat Franks Vendor – Edmonton Canada – September 20, 2012

"They were friendly and easy to deal with. When I got keys to the suite they had welcome gifts for my son, myself and our dog. Altogether living here so far has been wonderful. I would recommend renting from Jessica and Fong as they are great and continue to be great. "

Natalie Lafrance - Administration - Edmonton Canada - March 15, 2014


“Fong and Jessica were excellent to deal with right from the beginning. We communicated through email and we always received an immediate response. He is efficient and informative, with a really great personality. The gift basket we we received on the day of possession was such a fun and thoughtful touch, it really made us feel welcome in our new home."

Robert MacMaster – Pipe Fitter - Edmonton Canada - August 11, 2013



“We had a really good experience. For myself being a first time renter, and it also being my first time moving away from home, Fong and Jessica made the experience smooth and enjoyable.

We would certainly recommend Fong and Jessica to others. Also, our goal in the near future is to purchase a home together, so we will be keeping Fong’s number for when that time comes."

Shelby Belyea – Recreation Programmer - Edmonton Canada - August 11, 2013