Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions Inc. prides itself in helping people get into homes and fulfill their dreams, from owning their own home to simply moving out on their own for the first time. A safe and stable home is something that is of utmost importance to each and every one of us. As a company, we are not able to help homeless people get into their own home directly, which is why we are proud supporters of the charity, Raising the Roof.

Raising the Roof's mission is to provide long-term solutions for Canada's homeless, through partnership and collaborations with diverse stakeholders, investment in local communities and public education. With their core values of: Respect and Dignity, Diversity and Inclusion, Partnership and Collaboration and integrity, we feel that Raising the Roof closely aligns with our personal values.With the mission to impact as many people as possible, Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions Inc. contributes a portion of each project towards the charity of Raising the Roof.


For more information about Raising the Roof please visit:


"By taking action and working together we can provide real solutions and help end the terrible crisis of homelessness in Canada."

Sean Gadon, Raising the Roof President