Wouldn't it be nice to have an asset that you can see, touch and feel ? Wouldn't it be comforting to know that your investment is proven as the best asset to protect your money throughout history? How would it feel to have someone else handle all your frustrations so that you can sit back and relax? Aren't you tired of seeing your investment a measly 2-3% a year? How great would it be to have an few hundred dollars a month to work with?

The fact is there are such opportunities where you can see your asset right in front of your eyes. Real Estate is the single most secure asset and investment, people have dating back to the beginning of time. It is really common for investments tied to real estate to bring you returns of 10% or more consistently per year. In fact, there are many investors out there right now, sitting back and relaxing, as their assets are feeding their bank accounts each month. Not only are they profiting but also without any of the managing frustrations!



The media is always saying how real estate is risky, how it is volatile and that it is not a safe place to have your money. Not only that, you are always being told all the landlording stories where they need to fix toilets in the middle of the night and how their tenants trashed the place. With the recent down turn, it is easy for many to tell you that you will lose money in real estate and that it is to much of a headache to hold properties. This is where we are different. We specialize in the acquisition of below market residential properties in emerging markets. What makes us unique is that we have many insider relationships with investors and agents, which allows us to have access to great deals first. Our philosophy is simple, we don't acquire properties unless they are below market value and we don't speculate on appreciation. We also treat our partner's money more conservatively than with our own.

Your pain is our pain. We could not believe how after many years of having our money in GIC's, RSP's and savings account that we ended up losing money than saving/making money which is the whole point of investing and we haven't even accounted for inflation. After getting into the world or real estate investing, it get us upset to see people loose money and not grasp the potential of what their hard earned money can do for them. What got us upset even more is to see our loved ones lose 30K of their retirement savings after being told that it is a safe investment. It is because we want to help people get their money working for them that we do what we do. And ultimately it is because we believe that everyone has the potential to reach for their goals that we do what we do.

Here is how we can help you. By joint venturing with us, we will do all the work, allowing you to have the freedom to do what you love. While you're sleeping, we're working. And while you're enjoying time with your family, we're working. And while you're relaxing, we're working even harder. You want to earn more and work less, but that can't happen unless we do all the work. As 50/50 partners you will have total control over your asset, allowing you to see it and touch it as you please. You will be among the successful investors who have their money tied into one of the most proven assets of all time - real estate. We know you and us are gonna do so many great deals together that someday you're gonna run out of money. But it doesn't matter cause you and us are gonna be partners for life. One day, you'll be making money on deals, even with none of your cash or credit on the line. When it comes to partnerships, our philosophy is loyalty, relationships and results. we believe in 50/50 cause we will be honest with you even when you're not looking.